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TestLauncher provides the industry's most powerful hybrid QA platform and testing service. Talk with us today to find out how we can help you cut your QA costs in half.

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How it works

We start growing your test coverage ASAP

After a decade of research, we've developed a modern, scalable QA infrastructure that automates everything and keeps a human-in-the-loop at all times.

You get unlimited test runs, tester-verified bug reports, on-demand test creation, and around-the-clock script maintenance.

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1. Kickoff and Product Tour

We align our teams to review the scope of QA work, begin to make test plans and review existing test plans. The scope can include email, SMS, APIs, extensions and third-party integrations.

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2. Configuration and Setup

Test server environments, CI/CD automation, mobile test app delivery, bug reporting seats are assigned, and communication channels on Slack are connected.

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3. Test Plan Creation and Ongoing Maintenance

Tests are created for Playwright, exploratory test sessions that cannot be automated and for mobile app testing. Flaky tests are identified and quickly fixed.

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4. Tests are Executed

Tests are executed (unlimited) on a daily, on-demand or on a custom cadence based on the coverage outline or release context. Tests that cannot be automated are explored hands-on.

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5. Create Bug Reports

All bugs are human-reviewed and submitted with video, log files, and steps to reproduce in addition to any deeper testing session reports that might be useful for the team

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Everything You Need

Your Trusted Partner In QA, QC, and QE

The Financial Times reported that we have just been awarded one of the fastest-growing companies in 2024.

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Expert Engineers

Our team comprises the best trained Test Engineers and Developers in the world. Our full-time QA Launchers are in North America, Argentina, Europe, and New Zealand.

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Quality Testing Strategies

We take pride in providing a sophisticated and methodological approach to testing sharpened over the past 9 years in business.

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We use proven technologies, systems and integrations to deliver the best services and solutions in the industry rapidly.

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Committed To Research

We are dedicated to advancing the software industry by researching and deploying only proven technologies and strategies to support your engineering team and product.

Executive Leadership Benefits

  • A single platform vendor that protects your brand, team and users (retention) from patterns of regression
  • Evidence-based testing brings confidence and accountability to the team with every release to maximize every business unit not just engineering
  • We build a bulletproof automation and human-based testing strategy with report visibility available to everyone
  • Create momentum with a testing strategy that can keep up with your customer's demands, growth and high standards of quality

Testing Leadership Benefits

  • Harness a flexible platform to drive all your testing initiatives
  • Assess the best methods of testing to understand better what is working and what isn't
  • Build test quality confidence by leveraging a variety of programs to experiment with
  • Prioritize, plan, manage and execute testing in parallel - you are in control

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