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Manual Testers At Scale

Our clients spend less time hiring and training a full department of software testers and automation experts. They spend more time shipping new features to happy users.

Automation services

Elastic and scalable QA teams are instantly created, managed and tailored based on your development schedule, team size, user base, platform breadth and many other factors.

All Industries

Our SaaS clients span the Financial Tech, Education, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, and many other markets. We give our clients a massive edge over their competition.


Our clients require web, mobile, desktop software and game testing services worldwide from Canada (our home) to Australia.
We are grateful that so many teams have found our services extremely useful.

TestLauncher have consistently delivered great service, rapidly producing highly usable test plans and test results. Their flexible approach and high degree of engagement have made them an integral part of our team.

Alon Novy
Founder and CEO, ScribblePost

I looked over the bugs you guys submitted, and they are very well done - concise, clear, lots of detail. We don't expect this kind of quality on the first run with a new QA team.

Russell Edens
Founder of Voomify, OptiShot Golf

Our Services

Nothing to install. We show up at your next stand-up ready.

Exploratory Testing

Using a variety of testing techniques, we support agile development for web, mobile, desktop and gaming.

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On Demand

Instantly have a set of manual testers test a build when deployed to your code repo.

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Permanent QA Department

Place us into your daily standup. We provide all the services needed to move fast daily.

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Crowd Testing

Have 20+ testers fully engage and challenge your software platform at the exact same time.

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We have the talent to create, maintain and manage the automated testing aspects of your platform.

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Coaching / Advice

Let us answer all your questions from Agile best practices to Continuous Delivery and beyond.

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