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Get the same quality of testing and automation we've engineered for 300+ B2B SaaS companies.

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Acquire top QA talent fast

Over 300 high performing QA teams built/fixed.

TestLauncher has almost a decade of experience building and fixing skilled testing teams worldwide. Connect with us to understand how we save millions for B2B SaaS companies that work with us for over 3 years.

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1. Managed Testing Services

Launch a fully managed test team fast, hitting the ground running

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2. Recruiting and Sourcing

Hire the perfect tester into your in-house team quickly

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3. Coaching and Training

Up-skill your test team with the latest tactics and tools

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4. On Demand Testing

Save costs deploying testers when you need them

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5. Automation in Testing

Deploy automation to support your quality testing

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Everything you need to test and automate

We have the necessary leadership, skills, and strategies ready to deploy from our battle-tested playbook.

We can proficiently utilize any device or tool required to complete work efficiently.

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Expert Guidance

We blend proven test strategies called programs, evaluate the program's quality regularly, and adjust based on the results we get back. In addition, we manage, upskill and coach the test squad to support the positive momentum in your organization.

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Burstable Testing Team & Ops

In as little as 24 hours, we engineer a dedicated or on-demand test crew designed to meet your needs in your preferred time zone. The small or augmented test squad comes equipped with local and cloud device labs using the latest hardware. In addition, identified technical skills requested are typically available.

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We use your technology and bug management reporting platforms or bring all this to you—either way, you're covered.

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We are committed to advancing the software industry by giving our team, and customers access to the latest testing research and thinking.

Executive Leadership Benefits

  • Risk-based testing protects your brand, team and users from patterns of regression
  • Evidence-based testing brings confidence and accountability to the team with every release
  • Work with us to create a bulletproof strategy with visibility
  • Create momentum with a testing strategy that can keep up with your customer's demands and high standards of quality

Testing Leadership Benefits

  • Harness new ideas to explore, automate, AI-Assist and crowd test to drive innovation at your company
  • Assess your methods of testing to understand better what is working and what isn't
  • Build test quality confidence by leveraging a variety of programs to experiment with
  • Prioritize, plan, manage and execute programs - you are in control

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