Bulletproof Quality

At TestLauncher we help growing FinTech companies maintain a secure, reliable and bug-free online product using a variety of leading-edge software testing techniques.

We are the world's first and only software testing firm specializing in the FinTech sector. We understand security, privacy, business risk, api's, accessibility, big data, analytics, and compliance.

TestLauncher's personnel are internationally recognized and trusted providers of quality services, satisfying requirements for custom test design, and enterprises globally. We are dedicated to the delivery of services based on technical innovation and professional excellence and take measures to provide software testing efficiently and securely.

We find traditional, offshore and crowd testing solutions are never the best fit for our clients in Fintech, Market Intelligence, and Data Science/Big Data.
— Jason Hamilton-Mascioli (CEO @ TestLauncher)

TestLauncher’s workforce consists of industry quality veterans with extensive experience providing advanced technology services and consultation. TestLauncher's personnel understand the full spectrum of interactions, risk, and requirements that directly impact business. We develop innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures to advance quality through the use of software testing.

TestLauncher's head office is located in Toronto Canada. We provide professional software testing services that enable our customers to reduce corporate risk and gain company-wide efficiency immediately. TestLauncher supports customers internationally.


Big Data - P2P Lending - Crowdfunding - IoT - Banking - Digital Wallet - analytics - telecom - productivity
 Marketing & customer intelligence - call center platforms - transaction-based data centers