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TestLauncher provides bespoke mobile and software product testing services to B2B SaaS companies that build responsible mission-critical software services worldwide and need to ensure exceptional user experiences.

Since 2015, TestLauncher has served essential markets such as finance, tourism, transportation, media storage, gaming, logistics, telecommunications, security, agriculture, analytics, IoT, fitness, military, etc.

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Meet the talented leadership behind TestLauncher

At TestLauncher, we have assembled a dynamic and dedicated team of 40+ full-time professionals passionate about testing software products. Our team combines diverse expertise, years of industry experience, and a shared commitment to delivering top-notch testing strategies to our clients. Meet the talented leadership behind TestLauncher:

Together, the TestLauncher team is committed to providing complete testing solutions that help our clients deliver software products of the highest quality. In addition, we collaborate closely with our clients, leveraging our expertise and innovative approaches to ensure their success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Uncover a wealth of valuable insights with Dark Testing

Stay ahead of the curve by discarding the waste and blending test strategies and automation that work best for your team.

Dark Testing combines risk-based and evidence-based testing practices to assemble the most robust test strategy possible using the smallest team imaginable.

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1. Launch Experiments

Launch new programs and tools into your workflow

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2. Measure and Evaluate

Evaluate how well the programs are working

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3. Repeatability

Consistent positive signals over time confirm how valuable the program is

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4. Scale

Support the proven program with additional reinforcements

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5. Merge, Monitor & Optimize

Thoroughly merge, monitor and optimize the complete test strategy

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