Expert Testing Services for Mission-Critical Projects

Our testing services are designed to handle the demands of any complex mission-critical software development project, while also allowing for safe and frequent software delivery to your users.

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Modern Software Testing Services
(Automation/On-Demand/AI compatible)

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Dark Testing

Based on years of research, our uniquely formulated B2B SaaS testing strategy balances a testing portfolio using a risk-based approach.

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Add an entire test team or solo member into your existing testing unit for a fixed period or indefinitely.

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Solo or small team

Add a single tester or trio.

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Use the power of a large group of testers to test your product(s).

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Add years of testing knowledge and research to your team by having testing experts participate in one-off or regular strategy sessions.

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And More...

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Problems We Solve For...

  • Dominance of first-mile testing strategies unaware last-mile testing strategies provide more value
  • Agile dominates and lowers quality without addressing how to compensate for this
  • Once strategy dominates for years without experimenting with proven test strategies
  • Launch unproven strategies that provide low ROI and wastes budget that could be used on better strategies
  • Your company struggles to maintain leadership in your market category or new obtains that level
  • No clear understanding of how to mix or stack testing strategies
  • No clear understanding how to prioritize testing strategies
  • No attempt to understand what is working and what isn’t

Flexible and Compliant Testing Options

Depending on your specific needs and project requirements, you may require a combination of these services or additional specialized testing services. All our services are compatible and compliant in regulated environments.

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