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One day or indefinite. We are ready to QA on demand.

We only staff your project with Senior QA professionals.

We recommend the best QA practices for you and deliver.  

" I’ve recently been doing triage for the Android version of our SDK after a client has found numerous bugs - I'm excited to have you find these things before our client does. "  

- Eric Lambrecht, CTO @

" As a successful software developer, having worked with over 100 teams in the past, I carefully studied and observed why some companies succeeded while others failed.  It was obvious to me that the quality of the QA department had a significant impact on the success or failure of a feature, product or an entire company. 

I have assembled a highly skilled remote QA team that is faster, smarter and knowledgeable than your competitors in-house or outsourced team, I guarantee it. 

At TestLauncher, we understand how your team works and thinks.  

We love the clients we work closely with everyday and would love to work with you and your team. Please click the blue button below to get started. "

Jason Hamilton-Mascioli
Founder and CEO
Jason Hamilton-Mascioli, Founder and CEO @ TestLauncher

Jason Hamilton-Mascioli, Founder and CEO @ TestLauncher

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